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Get Started

To help you make full use of Keepvid Music Tag Editor, the guide below is divided into 4 parts: Install, Register, Settings and Quick Overview. Note that there’re both Windows and Mac versions for the music tag editor, which share the same functions unless otherwise stated.

Tips: The following instruction takes Windows version for example. If you’re Mac user, just copy the video tutorial or the steps as follows.

Watch Video Tutorial to Get Started

Part 1. Download & Install

Step 1: Download Installation Package

Make sure you’re downloading the corresponding version based on your computer system.

Step 2: Install Keepvid Music Tag Editor

Double-click and run the setup file, select your preferred language and click OK to proceed.

install keepvid music tag editor

Then you’d receive the License Agreement as follows, read it carefully and check the box before I have read and accept the agreement. After that, click Next to proceed.

install keepvid music tag editor

Now specify a path to save the program file and click Next to proceed.

install keepvid music tag editor

Step 3: Launch Keepvid Music Tag Editor

When the installation completes, you’d receive a window as the screenshot shows. Just click Launch to run Keepvid Music Tag Editor right away.

install keepvid music tag editor

Part 2. Purchase & Register

During the free trial of Keepvid Music Tag Editor, you’d have following restrictions. You can either click Continue to proceed, or hit Buy to purchase license code from the official site.

register keepvid music tag editor

After that, just click Register to enjoy the full feature. As an alternative, you can also click register icon in the upper-right to get the pop-up window for registration, then rightly enter the Licensed E-mail and Registration Code, click Activate to continue.

register keepvid music tag editor

Part 3. Preference Settings

To improve user experience, it’s necessary for you to set up the preferences of Keepvid Music Tag Editor to your favor. All you need is to click menu icon to select Preferences.

preference settings

Then you can check the box(es) for Auto apply new ID3 tags once identified or Load iTunes files automatically when the program starts as you need. In addition, you can freely switch the program language from English to Deutsch, French or Japanese. Once you’re satisfied, just hit OK to save the changes.

preference settings

Apart from Preference, you can also make other settings—

preference settings

  • Purchase: Jump to the official page for you to buy license code.
  • Register: Sign in the purchased license code to enjoy the full feature.
  • Tutorial & FAQs: Jump to official page for step-by-step guides and frequently asked questions.
  • Contact Customer Service: Get professional technical support.
  • Write a Review: Make comments on the program including both likes and dislikes.
  • Check for Updates: Check the current version for timely update.
  • Feedback: Send back program issues to help improve the using experience.
  • About: Learn more details of Keepvid Music Tag Editor.

Part 4. Quick Overview

Launch Keepvid Music Tag Editor, you’d get the main interface as below, which consists of sidebar and primary operation interface 2 parts.

primary interface

1. Add Music Files to Start

Click add music icon icon in the bottom-left corner, or click Import iTunes Library or Import Local Files from the primary operation interface to load music files to the program. Then you’d preview the music songs as the screenshot shows.

add music to start

2. Quick Delete Duplicates

Click duplicate icon in the bottom-right of sidebar to quickly scan the duplicate songs from the music list. After scanning, check the duplicate song you want to delete and click Delete Duplicates to continue. Note that this action is irreversible.

delete duplicate windows

Tips: Here's tiny difference for your concern if you're Mac users, to remove the duplicate songs you need to cross them while ticking would save them. Rightly tick or cross the songs and click Remove to proceed.

delete duplicate mac

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