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How to Edit Music Tags in iTunes Library

As music lovers, you must be obsessed with tidying your iTunes music library and making it look consistent. To help you out, the straightforward guide below will show you how to edit music metadata to your liking in iTunes on both Windows and Mac.

Watch Video Tutorial to Edit Music Tags in iTunes Library

Part 1. Auto Fix iTunes Music Tags

Step 1: Import Music from iTunes Library

Launch Keepvid Music Tag Editor, you’d get the main interface as the image shows. There’re 2 options for you to add iTunes music file to start.

  • Click add music icon in the bottom-left and choose Import iTunes Library.
  • Click Import iTunes Library in the primary interface.

import itunes music

Step 2: Identify ID3 Music Tag Automatically

Then you’d see iTunes music library loaded to the program immediately, together with number of songs that need fixing.

identify id3 music tag

Click Auto Fix to start accessing Gracenote database to identify ID3 tag right away, in seconds you can easily tell how many songs can be automatically applied or need manual editing from the following screenshot.

identify id3 music tag

Step 3: Apply Identified ID3 Info to Music

Click Apply All and you’ll apply the identified ID3 info to the music.

apply id3 to music

Part 2. Manual Edit iTunes Music Tags

As for those failed to identify in Part I, you can follow the steps below to manually edit ID3 info for your iTunes music.

Step 1: Select Target Song for Editing

Go to the sidebar to choose your playlist and click the song that needs fixing in the middle, then you can see the editing area in the right.

select song for editing

Step 2: Edit ID3 Music Tag Manually

Click edit-id3-icon in the top-left of the editing area, you’ll be able to edit ID3 tag as you wish.

edit id3 music tag

Click add-album-artwork-icon to add album artwork and complete the information for Title, Artist, Album, Track No., Genre, Year in turns.

add album artwork

Step 3: Save MP3 Tag Info

After that, click Save to confirm the metadata for the song and you’ll see Saved successfully!

save mp3 metadata

Note: If you’re not satisfied with the music tag, you can click Restore to undo above changes and re-edit the metadata yourself.

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